Making changes

I will support you – whatever your challenge

As a highly experienced Psychotherapist, specialising in Transactional Analysis, I support people with a wide range of difficulties, helping them to find peace and happiness in many aspects of their lives.

Perhaps you’re struggling with repeating negative patterns, are troubled by traumatic experiences from your past, or have always had a deep sense that you have never connected with your true self. Perhaps you feel unfulfilled, anxious or depressed, or want to free yourself from addiction or substance abuse.

Maybe you’re the care giver of a child in need of emotional support, or part of a couple, seeking guidance on complex relationship issues. You may even be part of an organisation, keen to support the wellbeing of your colleagues.

During my work as psychotherapy practitioner, it has been my utter privilege to have supported people of all ages, and from many different backgrounds. Whoever you are, and whatever your challenge, I can use my experience and expertise to support you. Click here, for more information on who I work with and the challenges that I can support you to overcome.

My clients find me calm, patient and, in their words, “easy to talk to”, “insightful” and “compassionate”. Please rest assured that I will listen to you in confidence, without judgement, and when you are ready, I will be your resolute support as you gain greater understanding of yourself, and move towards acceptance and growth.

Click here to read more about my professional qualifications and expertise, including therapy in natural spaces; mindfulness, animal assisted therapy; and professional development and organisational consultancy.

Making ChangesMaking Changes

I offer a confidential and tranquil space

My practice is located in The Byre, a converted 13th Century oxen barn, with views across the South Downs National Park. The Byre is a restorative calming space; well-suited to reflection and private conversation.

If you like, we can walk through the well-being garden as we talk, watching wildlife, visiting the natural pond, vegetable patch, or the neighbouring small holding, to see the farm animals.

I use a variety of approaches that can support you, these include therapy in natural spaces, animal assisted therapy and art-based therapy. These aspects of therapy can be profound and of great benefit in times of personal change.

If these approaches don’t immediately appeal to you, rest assured, we will find something that does. The therapy choices we make together will be guided by your preferences, and supported by my professional insights. You are the expert on you.

I believe you can shape the story of your life

You may feel that your problems aren’t ‘big enough’ to see a Psychotherapist, or conversely that you are ‘too far gone’, or even, ‘not worth the attention’.

Please do not let these feelings be a barrier to reaching out to me. I have supported many people in making transformational journeys, and I know that just like them, you have the potential for positive growth and the right to get the healing support you need.

No matter how you feel about yourself right now, or what you might have done or experienced in the past, I will accept you as you are; including the parts of you that you find difficult to accept for yourself at this time.

Above all things, I would like you to know that I see unconditional value in you as a unique human being and I firmly believe that you can shape the story of your life.

Making Changes

Our sessions will support your day-to-day life – from the first moments

I chose to specialise in the branch of Psychotherapy called Transactional Analysis, because it is so effective in supporting people to make fundamental and permanent change in their lives.

Making the changes you need is a process that is as unique as you are. But from the early moments of our therapeutic relationship I can begin to teach you effective practical skills, such as grounding and mindfulness techniques that will support you in your onward journey, and give you the best possible chance of success.

As we form a bond, and when the time is right, I will offer reflections, gentle challenges, and psychological insights to support positive changes to the way you think, feel, behave, and ultimately experience yourself, and the world around you.

I believe in your ability to change

There is no wrong time to start your therapeutic journey. There really is no need to wait until you ‘feel more like talking’ or until you’re in the grips of a particularly difficult downturn, to make contact.

You can take the first step in this moment with a brief email or call to let me know you’re looking for some support and we can make a start at a time that suits you.

Your first session is offered completely free of charge and with no obligation to continue, so that we can move forward with confidence that we’re a good fit for each other.

I look forward to helping you start your journey.

Make contact to begin your journey…

Making Changes