Mark Cameron Poland Psychology

A sense that you have never connected with your true self

Many people are troubled by a deeply compelling, wordless bodily experience that they have never been able to be their true selves. Often, these nonverbal experiences are connected to the emotional threads that underlie our earliest life experiences. Despite their historic origins, these threads can have a huge impact on the way we experience our present daily lives.

The circumstances that can lead to these feelings are varied. They may be due to a lack of parent or guardian support that was due to the death of a sibling, relative or parent; medical interventions; parenting styles; or other factors affecting the care giver, such as economic challenges; cultural pressures; addiction; substance dependency; challenging relationship dynamics; or trauma. You may pick up on these past emotional threads in intimate relationships, leading you to experience depression, hopelessness or other forms of a negative sense of self.

You cannot change the past, but you can have a different relationship with and perspective on your past experiences. I can facilitate your healing process, allowing you to gain emotional regulation and a connection with your true self that will positively enhance your future relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you.