Mark Cameron Poland Psychology

Addiction and substance abuse


As a certified Psychotherapist, I have supported people who described themselves as being addicted to a wide range of things including sex, the internet, shopping, exercise, power, food, and work. My approach is one of compassion and acceptance. I offer my presence to you, so in time you can gently accept your underlying pain and move away from repeated harmful acts.

Substance abuse

My training and experience in substance abuse was founded during my time working at a substance and alcohol clinic. Now in private practice, I have continued to develop my empathic approach, and support people to overcome their negative relationship with harmful substances and alcohol.

Whatever your challenge, I value the unique person you are, rather than the label that has been given to you. I view harmful behaviors to self as an expression of a person’s inner suffering. My role is to create a space from which you can make profound changes, moving from a place of pain to one of hope, value and positivity.